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Ilustračná snímka

We are satisfied with the work, but...

3. 8. 2022 | 1018 visits

Findings from Round 10 data of the European Social Survey (ESS) indicate that, despite the fact that Slovaks are relatively satisfied with their jobs, their level of satisfaction is among the lowest compared to residents of other European countries. Lower values ​​were recorded only in Czechia (see Figure 1).

The reason can be found, for example, in the autonomy of Slovak respondents to decide on the beginning or end of working hours. Slovaks have fewer opportunities to decide on working hours compared to residents of other European countries. A lower degree of autonomy was found only in Bulgaria and Hungary (see Figure 2). 

Another aspect that can contribute to reducing job satisfaction is the work team. Slovaks feel being less part of the team they work in than respondents in other European countries. Lower average values ​​were confirmed only in the Czech Republic (see Figure 3).

The findings require the attention of employers, either because of considering the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also when creating tools that enable increasing employee satisfaction at the workplace.


Text: Denisa Fedáková, Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences

Foto: unsplash.com/Israel Andrade

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