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Vychádza nový štvrťročník Slovak Science Diegest o úspechoch slovenskej vedy v anglickom jazyku

Slovak Science Digest new quarterly about the achievements of Slovak science in English

14. 7. 2022 | 530 visits

On the basis of cooperation between the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak universities, The Slovak Spectator and the ESET Foundation, the quarterly information overview on the achievements of Slovak science - Slovak Science Digest - is going to be published.

The periodical in English will be published four times a year and, if so wished, it can be received directly by e-mail. It is possible to activate a free subscription to the new Slovak Science Digest newsletter via this link.

The first edition of the overview is available HERE.

Here you can find, for example, interviews with ESET Science Award winner Ján Dusza from the Institute of Materials Research SAS or honey expert Juraj Majtán from the Institute of Molecular Biology SAS. In the next article, Scientist of the Year Pavol Prokop from the Institute of Zoology SAS, and the Faculty of Natural Sciences of the Comenius University explains why our reaction to rotten food and queue-jumping is the same, you can also read about the discovery of a new mineral near Kremnica or about a new cure for a potentially deadly canine disease.

Prepared by: Andrea Nozdrovická



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