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Invitation to the Webinar on Green energy and Environment

5. 5. 2022 | 696 visits

Slovak Academy of Sciences together with Technology Transfer Office SAS and Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan (ITRI) are inviting to a webinar Green energy and Environment. Please share this information with your colleagues in your institution.

Webinar will take place on May 9, 2022 from 9:00 to 11:00 (CEST) and you can join via MS Teams link (in Chinese) 按一下這裡以加入會議.

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Online webinar will be held in English and the following topics will be presented:

1. Progressive integrated technologies for water purification from persistent pollutants, pharmaceuticals and personal care products (POPs and PPCPs).

2. Regulation and control of emerging contaminants in Taiwan

3. Selective recovery of metals and semi-metals from mining waters

4. Solution of heavy metals recovery from industrial wastewater

5. Towards more efficient perovskite solar cells - In-situ monitoring of the crystallization process

6. The development of the Perovskite solar cell in ITRI


We look forward to seeing you on webinar.


Text a photo: Natália Feriančeková, KTT SAV

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