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SAS offers assistance to Ukrainian scientists and students

4. 3. 2022 | 8223 visits

The SAS sensitively perceives the events happening in Ukraine and offers a helping hand to Ukrainian researchers and doctoral students. 

- SAS will continue to create suitable working and study conditions not only for those currently working at its premises but also for new researchers and doctoral students coming from Ukraine

- SAS will offer free accommodation capacities in Bratislava, Smolenice and Stará Lesná for newly arriving Ukrainian colleagues, as well as for their family members. It will also provide free accommodation capacities for family members of current employees and doctoral students

- the Academy will provide financial support to doctoral students and young researchers who will be able to continue their studies and research in Slovakia

- the Academy wants to allow Ukrainian doctoral students who complete their studies at the SAS to remain working in their field at the SAS

- the Academy will provide a significant reduction of fees for accommodation for Ukrainian employees and doctoral students of the SAS currently accommodated in its facilities

Applicants for assistance can contact us at ukrajina@savba.sk or ukraine@savba.sk, or via the official website of the SAS on the social network Facebook by clicking on the "Send email" button.

Currently, the SAS departments and scientific institutions in Ukraine are carrying out 16 joint projects. Despite this extremely unfavourable situation, we believe that we will be able to continue working on them with our partners.

Photo: Katarína Gáliková

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