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Supercomputers (not only) in science

27. 1. 2022 | 892 visits

The National Competence Center for HPC, in cooperation with the Computing Centre and the Computer Museum of the Centre of Operations of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, organizes a series of popularization lectures on the use of supercomputers in various scientific disciplines. We will welcome a number of speakers not only from the Slovak Academy of Sciences, but also from Slovak universities and other institutions. Part of the lectures is planned as a sequence focusing on the applications of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Come and listen to Slovak experts and take the opportunity to discuss with them in an informal atmosphere!

We would like to invite scientists, students and also the general public - all those who are interested in the topic of supercomputing. Research and development relying on high-performance calculations has multidisciplinary character and the knowledge of the basic modeling and simulation methods, programming languages and operating systems can be of a great advantage. This semester we will first look at the quantum Monte Carlo methods, considered very promising for utilizing the next generation exascale supercomputers. We will learn about the important role the high performance computers play in weather forecasting. Subsequently, we will focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence topic with lectures covering the basics as well as specific applications.

We plan to organize the lectures in a hybrid mode so it is possible to attend them in person. However, due to the unpredictable pandemic situation and constantly changing rules for mass events, we will inform you about the lecture format via our website and social networks approximately one week before each individual event.

You may look forward to the following lectures and speakers  - and we look forward to see you!

• Modeling of electronic properties of 2D systems using quantum Monte Carlo methods - Ivan Štich from the Institute of Physics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (February 15)

• Use of HPC in operational weather forecast in Slovakia - Jozef Vivoda from the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (March 1)

• Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms - Ivan Sekaj from the Institute of Robotics and Cybernetics, FEI STU (March 15)

• Deep learning and its basic applications for computer vision - Andrej Lúčny from the Department of Informatics, FMFI UK (March 29)

• Introduction to applications of complex calculations in health care - Zuzana Černeková from the Department of Computer Graphics and Vision, Department of Applied Informatics FMFI UK and Peter Bluska from Rádiológia s.r.o. (April 12)

• Use of ML / AI in chemistry applications - potencial Covid-19 drugs - Marián Gall from the SAS Computing Center (April 26)

• Current problems of reinforcement learning - Michal Chovanec from Tachyum

• Natural and artificial intelligence - Tomáš Hromádka from the Institute of Neuroimmunology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (May 24)


More information about lectures

Edited by Halyna Hyryavets, CSČ SAV, v. v. i.

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