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Strategical Documents

In time when the only current strategical documents on science, research and innovation in the Slovak Republic are the Strategy for Smart Specialization of the Slovak Republic (RIS3 SK), published in 2013, and its Implementation Plan (RIS3) from June 2017 and Slovakia has no state-wide science policy and lacks a unified framework for funding of science, research and innovation, and when, despite enormous effort, we have not succeeded in transforming SAS and any other institutions into public research body, also when Slovakia lags behind much of the EU in terms of funding for science and research, SAS has decided to produce the documents that would encourage state, public, and private institutions, as well as key individuals involved in science and research, to consider the strategic direction of the country regarding science, research and innovation.

We believe that, in this fast-changing world, Slovakia, in competition with other countries, can be successful only if its future development will be based on research, innovation, education and the pursuit of knowledge. Until it happens, it will not suffice just simply to increase funding; the country must also realistically evaluate the current state of the sector and identify opportunities for improvement. That is in this spirit that the Learned Society of Slovakia has published the document Initiative – Vision for a Knowledge-based Society and a Better Slovakia, which details the current state of this field nationwide and proposes several thesis as solution. Based on this initiative, the Presidium, Scientific council, and Assembly of SAS, as the institution’s supreme organ, have prepared a SAS strategy from now until 2030, defining the vision, values, and mission of the academy and proposing strategic tasks for fulfilling the vision. We provide both these documents for discussion of all stakeholders.

The Presidium of SAS has also prepared an action plan for the period of its mandate —until 2021—with specific goals, functionaries, and deadlines in several areas that the academy wishes to improve. We sourced background information from the Analysis of funding and scientific output of SAS which compares Slovakia with surrounding and other countries, compares SAS with the equivalent academies in the surrounding countries, as well as with selected Slovak research universities. This analysis together with the action plan will be updated yearly and they can be found on the SAS website.

Bratislava, 21. 5. 2019Pavol Šajgalík, President of SAS