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Komplexita a geografia

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 54, no. 4
Ján Paulov


Year, pages: 2002, 393 - 398
complexity, self-organisation, dissipative structures
About article:
The basic objective of this paper, originally intended to be given at the plenary session of the 13th Congress of the Slovak Geographical Society, held in September 2002, is to bring an introductory overview on the complexity as highly relevant concept of contemporary science and its relation to geography. Complexity is a fundamental attribute of our world. However, this attribute/concept is strongly related to the attribute/concept of self-organisation. Therefore the idea of self-organisation, its roots in the Prigogine theory of dissipative structures themselves, is shortly discussed. To show the relevance of self-organisation for geography an example, taken from the paper by Allen (1982), is given, which demonstrates how the settlement system can evolve into hierarchical structure.
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ISO 690:
Paulov, J. 2002. Komplexita a geografia. In Geografický časopis, vol. 54, no.4, pp. 393-398. 0016-7193.

Paulov, J. (2002). Komplexita a geografia. Geografický časopis, 54(4), 393-398. 0016-7193.