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Changes of car ownership and daily mobility in selected Polish cities

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 60, no. 4
Tomasz Komornicki


Year, pages: 2008, 339 - 362
car ownership, daily mobility, Poland, commuting
About article:
The purpose of the paper is to assess the interrelations between mass car ownership development, increase of daily spatial mobility and the potential spatial consequences of these phenomena in Poland in the period 1995-2005. There has been a purposeful selection of twelve county-level units, in which a survey has been conducted. The sample consisted of 1,372 respondents classified on purpose into car owners and non-owners. The respondents were asked to specify the distance, frequency and transport means, used in trips, associated with various forms of daily activity in the years 1995 and 2005. They were also asked about the vehicles they owned and their annual mileage. The analysis confirmed the existence of an interrelation between the development of car ownership and daily spatial mobility. It can also be indirectly assumed that in the case of the smaller centres the increase of the number of passenger cars was partly forced by the increasing mobility in the domain of job commuting. With respect to other forms of daily mobility (e.g. shopping) it was exactly car ownership that enabled extension of the length of trips undertaken. The overall increase of mobility in the period 1995-2005 was significant, but not immense. Concerning factors of the increase, the influence of changes of place of residence concerned mainly large centres (rapid suburbanization processes). In other towns key importance ought, instead, to be assigned to the change of trip destinations. Generally, the development of car ownership strengthened the regional and subregional centres at the cost of the local ones. This is most visible in the analysed towns of the broadly understood Western Poland.
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Komornicki, T. 2008. Changes of car ownership and daily mobility in selected Polish cities. In Geografický časopis, vol. 60, no.4, pp. 339-362. ISSN 0016-7193.

Komornicki, T. (2008). Changes of car ownership and daily mobility in selected Polish cities. Geografický časopis, 60(4), 339-362. ISSN 0016-7193.