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Rozmístění znalostně náročných obchodních služeb v českých (ne)metropolitních regionech

In: Geografický časopis, vol. 69, no. 2
Jan Ženka - Ondřej Slach - Petr Hlaváček


Year, pages: 2017, 129 - 144
knowledge-intensive business services, settlement system, specialization, diversity, non-metropolitan regions, metropolitan regions, Czechia
About article:
The authors examined the spatial distribution of selected knowledge-intensive business services in the Czechia and its principal location factors. The Czechia was chosen as a representative of small countries with relatively developed transport infrastructure, a strong economic position of the capital city and a significant portion of manufacturing and business R&D employment located in non-metropolitan regions. The authors asked if and to what extent it is possible to explain the localisation of knowledge-intensive business services by the population and economic city size. Correspondingly, other local factors such as the concentration of manufacturing companies, business research and development and foreign direct investment were tested. More specifically, the authors focused on the role of large industrial centres in non-metropolitan regions, their ability to attract knowledge-intensive business services and develop regional innovation systems. Empirical results showed a spatial disparity between spatially dispersed manufacturing, which was overrepresented in non-metro-politan regions, and knowledge-intensive business services, heavily concentrated in the metropolitan regions of the three largest cities in the Czechia with Prague holding an exclusive position.
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ISO 690:
Ženka, J., Slach, O., Hlaváček, P. 2017. Rozmístění znalostně náročných obchodních služeb v českých (ne)metropolitních regionech. In Geografický časopis, vol. 69, no.2, pp. 129-144. 0016-7193.

Ženka, J., Slach, O., Hlaváček, P. (2017). Rozmístění znalostně náročných obchodních služeb v českých (ne)metropolitních regionech. Geografický časopis, 69(2), 129-144. 0016-7193.