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Študijné zvesti

Publisher: Institute of Archaeology

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ISSN 0560-2793 (print)

Language: multilingual

Web: archeol.sav.sk/index.php/sk/publikacie/studijne-zvesti/

Archeologický ústav SAV
Akademická 2
949 21 Nitra

Phone : (+421/037) 73357 38, Fax : (+421/037) 73356 18

The Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV journal publishes studies focused on the topics of archaeology from prehistory to the Middle Ages, anthropology, archaeobotany, archaeozoology, archaeometry, geophysics, numismatics, applied geodetic and 3D methods. Published works deal with results of field archaeological activities (investigations, surveys, aerial archaeology), analyses, preliminary and partial evaluations, methodology, and registers of sites and finds.

The journal offers publishing space for the diploma works and MA theses in the field of archaeology and fields of science with relation to archaeology from the defined scope of interests of the journal that are beneficial for scientific research. In addition to regular issues, some issues are monothematic – they are a platform for publishing contributions or abstracts from conferences or outputs from grant projects.

The journal has a long tradition. Its first issue was published in 1957. In first 50 years (1957-2006), 40 issues of the Študijné zvesti AÚ SAV journal altogether were published. It appeared irregularly, when the content of individual issues was filled. It often played the role of proceedings from conferences. In 2007, the journal became a periodical and started to be issued twice a year. Since issue 42/2007, the journal has been peer-reviewed. Since 2013, the journal has been listed in the Central European Journal of Social Science and Humanities (CEJSH) database, which contains data since 2005.
Published twice a year.

General editors: doc. PhDr. Gertrúda Březinová, CSc., PhDr. Alena Bistáková, PhD.

Publisher: Archeologický ústav SAV, Akademická 2, 949 21 Nitra