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Slavica Slovaca

Publisher: Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics SAS

List of numbers
2020 - Volume 55
2019 - Volume 54
2018 - Volume 53
2017 - Volume 52
2016 - Volume 51
2015 - Volume 50
2014 - Volume 49
2013 - Volume 48
2012 - Volume 47
2011 - Volume 46
2010 - Volume 45
2009 - Volume 44
2008 - Volume 43
2007 - Volume 42
2006 - Volume 41
2005 - Volume 40
2004 - Volume 39
2003 - Volume 38
2002 - Volume 37
2001 - Volume 36
2000 - Volume 35
1999 - Volume 34
1998 - Volume 33
1997 - Volume 32
ISSN 0037-6787 (print)
ISSN 1336-236 (online)

Web: www.slavu.sav.sk/casopisy/slavica.php


Slavistický ústav Jána Stanislava SAV
Dúbravská cesta 9
841 04 Bratislava

Editor-in-Chief: Peter Žeňuch

Advisory Board:
Mojmír Benža, Erika Brtáňová,
Václav Čermák (Česká republika),
Mária Dobríková, Ján Doruľa,
Júlia Dudášová-Kriššáková,
Adriana Ferenčíková, Martin Hurbanič,
Daniela Konstantinovová (Bulharsko),
Jaromír Krško, Ján Lukačka,
Šimon Marinčák, Cyril Vasiľ (Taliansko),
Desislava Najdenová (Bulharsko),
Ján Stradomski (Poľsko),
Elena S. Uzeňovová (Ruská federácia),
Peter Zubko, Peter Žeňuch

Executive Editor: Svetlana Šašerina

SLAVICA SLOVACA is the only interdisciplinary slavistic journal in Slovakia, which has been editing by the Slovak Committee of Slavists in partnership with Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics by the 46th volume since 2011. The journal appears thrice-yearly with the range of 294 pages and B5 format since 2011. Slavica Slovaca publishes comparatively oriented scientific and technical studies, summary materials, reports of scientific events and reviews in the field of linguistics, history, ethnology, culturology, history of slavistics and musicology.

The content of the articles published in Slavica Slovaca is fundamentally determined by the research focus of the Jan Stanislav Institute of Slavistics that efforts to complexity of exploring approach, organizes and coordinates interdisciplinary researches in the relationships of Slovak language and culture with other Slavic languages and cultures, including researches on Slovak-Latin, Slovak-German and Slovak-Hungarian relations of the oldest and older period of comparative perspective in internal and external collaboration. Such studies help to make clear many aspects of Slovak linguistic-historical and cultural development in Slovak-Slavic and Slovak- Non-Slavic relations in an European context.

Due to the fact that Slavica Slovaca is a publishing authority of the Slovak Committee of Slavists and Jan Stanislav Institute od Slavistics, also publishes reports of the meetings of the Slovak Committee of Slavists, information about events in the International Committe of Slavists, about preparations of international Slavistic conventions, national Slavistic congresses and other current events of Slavistic research in Slovakia.

Slavica Slovaca is a platform for the exchange of knowledge in domestic and international Slavistic context.

Posts in Slavica Slovaca are published in Slovak and all other Slavic languages, in English, German and French. The posts also contains abstracts and keywords in English, summaries in English, German, Russian or French. They also involve comprehensive footnotes, citations of national and foreign literature and sources.

The position of the journal in national and international Slavistic scientific community is evident due to its evidence in several international library databases SCOPUS, CEJSH, DOAJ, C.E.E.O.L., ERIH PLUS, MLA, CARHUS Plus+ 2014, CIRC, SJR, ProQuest, EBSCO.