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Scientific Journals and Yearbooks Published at SAS

Front Page

Organon F

Publisher: Institute of Philosophy SAS

List of issues
ISSN 1335-0668 (print)
ISSN 2585-7150 (online)

Language: by 2016 Slovak, Czech, English,

Web: https://www.organonf.com

Filozofický ústav SAV v.v.i.
Klemensova 19
813 64 Bratislava
Tel.: +4212 5292 1215
E-mail: info@organonf.com
Internet: https://www.organonf.com

Organon F is an international journal of analytic philosophy. It publishes articles that address the whole range of topics discussed in contemporary analytic philosophy. Accordingly, the Journal invites articles including, but not limited to, philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, epistemology, ontology, philosophical logic, etc. Occasionally, it publishes also analytic articles on ethics, aesthetics, social philosophy as well as history of philosophy and logic.

The Journal appears quarterly (in February, May, August and November).

Publishers: Institute of Philosophy, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Institute of Philosophy, the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Papers published in Organon F are indexed in:
Arts & Humanities Citation Index®
CSA Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
Current Contents/Arts & Humanities®
The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
The Philosopher’s Index

ISSN 2585-7150 (online)
ISSN 1335-0668 (print version)
EV 3289/09

Editorial Board

Marián ZOUHAR (Bratislava)

Deputy Editor:
Tomáš MARVAN (Prague)

Executive Editor:
Martin VACEK (Bratislava)

Advisory Board:
Lukáš BIELIK (Bratislava)
Pavel CMOREJ (Bratislava)
Eros CORAZZA (San Sebastian)
Marie DUŽÍ (Ostrava)
Katalin FARKAS (Budapešť)
Julian FINK (Bayreuth)
František GAHÉR (Bratislava)
Dušan GÁLIK (Bratislava)
Susan HAACK (Miami)
Fredrik HARALDSEN (Kristiansand)
Vladimír HAVLÍK (Praha)
Paul HORWICH (New York)
Juraj HVORECKÝ (Praha)
Mark JAGO (Nottingham)
Bjørn JESPERSEN (Barcelona)
Petr KOŤÁTKO (Praha)
Martin KUSCH (Viedeň)
David LIGGINS (Manchester)
Pavel MATERNA (Praha)
Sebastiano MORUZZI (Bologna)
Rostislav NIEDERLE (Brno)
Peter PAGIN (Stockholm)
Jaroslav PEREGRIN (Praha)
Sven ROSENKRANZ (Berlín)
Martin SCHMIDT (Banská Bystrica)
Vladimír SVOBODA (Praha)
Timothy WILLIAMSON (Oxford)
Zsofia ZVOLENSZKY (Budapešť)

Dear Readers and Sympathizers of Organon F,
Due to our intention to make the journal accessible to the widest possible public, and thus increase the interest for analytic philosophy, we have decided to change both the form of publishing and our distribution politics.

Commencing with the volume 1/2013, Organon F will be published in both printed and electronic version, the latter being freely accessible at our website. The access to the articles will be unlimited, free of any charges and without any password to be needed. Moreover, the printed version will still be available in selected libraries.

Since the above changes, we have also decided to cancel all subscriptions, including both individual readers and institutions. However, it still holds that selected libraries and philosophical institutes will receive the printed version for free. Also, those individual readers interested in the printed version are highly invited to contact our office directly at organonf@gmail.com.

Note, that the above changes do affect both regular and supplementary issues.

We hope that the new shape of Organon F will sustain the existing favour of its readers, for which we are sincerely thankful.

The Editors

Instructions for Contributors

1. General instructions
Organon F publishes original articles, discussion notes and reviews. Papers must be written in English, Slovak or Czech. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as e-mail attachments, preferably in MS Word format. Articles must be supplemented with a short resume (of 100 to 250 words) and a list of key words in alphabetical order. A submitted paper will be usually sent to two referees. Therefore, manuscripts should be prepared for blind reviewing. Authors are asked to include their full name, academic affiliation and full address for correspondence, including e-mail address, in a detachable first page of their manuscript.

2. Notes
Notes should be inserted into the text using the “Footnote” function in Microsoft Word and numerated with Arabic numerals. Authors are asked not to use endnotes.

3. References
The list of references should be alphabetically ordered and placed at the end of the text. The styles exemplified by the following examples are obligatory.
a) Book authored:
Carnap, R. (1960): Meaning and Necessity. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.
b) Book edited:
Harman, G. – Davidson, D. (eds.) (1972): Semantics of Natural Language. Dordrecht: D. Reidel.
c) Book chapter:
Kripke, S. (1972): Naming and Necessity. In: Harman, G. – Davidson, D. (eds.): Semantics of Natural Language. Dordrecht: D. Reidel, 253–355.
d) Journal article:
Tichý, P. (1986): Constructions. Philosophy of Science 53, 514–534.
In the event that the list of references involves two or more works by the same author published during the same year, the date of publication should be followed by a lower case letter (a, b, …).

4. Quotations
Quoted passages of more than 40 words should be set off from the main text by intending the left hand margin and using a smaller font. Quotations should be specified using an author’s name followed by the date of publication (supplemented by a lower case letter, if necessary) and page number(s) in parentheses; examples: Carnap (1960); Carnap (1960, 21); Carnap (1960, 21–23); Carnap (1960a, 21).

Authors should be aware that contributions are not paid. Regarding the fact that the editors (Institute of Philosophy, Slovak Academy of Sciences, and Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) enable the author to publish his or her articles in Organon F, the author forgoes any financial compensation, according to law No. 234/2000.