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Scientific Journals and Yearbooks Published at SAS

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Publisher: Institute of Philosophy SAS

List of issues
ISSN 0046-385X (print)
ISSN 2585-7061 (online)

Language: Slovak, Czech, English

Web: klemens.sav.sk/fiusav/filozofia

Filozofický ústav SAV
Klemensova 19
813 64 Bratislava
Slovak republic

Tel.: +4212 5292 1215

Publisher: Institute of Philosophy, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak republic

Editor-in-chief: František Gahér
Executive editor: Tomáš Kollárik
Reviews editor: Dagmar Smreková
Editor: Tatiana Búbelová

ISSN 2585-7061 (online)
ISSN 0046-385X (print version)

Editorial board:
Juraj Bánovský (Bratislava)
Juraj Cepko (Bratislava)
Roe Fremstedal (Tromsø)
Petra Gümplová (Erfurt)
Juraj Halas (Bratislava)
Vlastimil Hála (Praha)
Erika Harris (Liverpool)
Alice Koubová (Praha)
Christian Lazzeri (Paríž)
Róbert Maco (Bratislava)
Marek Otisk (Ostrava)
Primož Repar (Ľubľana)
Jozef Sivák (Bratislava)
Richard Sťahel (Bratislava)
Mariana Szapuová (Bratislava)
Jana Tomašovičová (Trnava)
Petr Urban (Praha)
Eugen Zeleňák (Ružomberok)

Printed by: VEDA Publishing House of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava, Slovak republic

Distribution and subscription:

Distribution for Slovak Republic:
ARES, spol. s r. o., Elektrárenská 12091, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovak republic,
Telephone: +4212 4341 4664; +4212 4820 4511
E-mail: ares@ares.sk

Distribution rights abroad are held by KUBON and SAGNER. Buchexport-Import GmbH, 803 28 München, Germany

Subscription fees:
Individuals: € 2 an issue; € 20 a volume (excluding postage)

Bookstores selling FILOZOFIA in Slovak republic:
VEDA, Štefánikova 3, 821 04 Bratislava;
ARTFORUM, Kozia 20, 811 03 Bratislava;
ARTFORUM, Mlynská 6, 040 01 Košice;
CAMPUS, Bookstore, ul. 17. novembra 1, 080 01 Prešov;
ALTER EGO, Hlavné nám. 3, 060 01 Kežmarok;

FILOZOFIA publishes original articles in a wide range of areas including metaphysics, epistemology, history of philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophy of mind, ethics, philosophy of religion and related disciplines. The journal is published monthly, with the exception of July and August, i.e. ten issues yearly. The articles are accepted in Slovak, Czech and English languages.

Articles are expected to be submitted in following form:
▪ standard scope of an article including footnotes and bibliography: max. 36 000 characters
▪ standard scope of a reflection including footnotes and bibliography: max. 20 000 characters
▪ standard scope of a review including footnotes and bibliography: max. 9 000 characters

The keywords and a brief summary in English should be attached to each article.

The acceptance of papers is decided upon by the Editorial Board on the basis of evaluations by two independent referees. The process of evaluation is double-blind. In controversial cases the final decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief.

Authors of accepted contributions are supposed to submit the final version in MS WORD compatible format. Please, attach your professional affiliation and e-mail address. The contribution is supposed not to be sent to any other journal nor to be under review or published by any other journal.

Articles sent in Czech and English would not be edited, and therefore not sent back to the authors before printing.

The authors are not paid for their contributions. The authors are not expected to use their contributions in the way defined in the agreement between them and the publisher for 12 months following the month of their publication in the journal FILOZOFIA.

All Filozofia articles are published with open access under Creative Commons License
a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. This means that it is possible to download, distribute and adapt published materials, but only for non-commercial purposes, given appropriate attribution to the original article.

Articles appearing in FILOZOFIA are indexed in:
Arts & Humanities Citation IndexR; Research AlertR; Current ContentsR/Arts & Humanities; SCOPUS; EBSCO; Dietrichs Index Philosophicus; IBZ – International Bibliography of Periodical Literature on the Humanities and Social Sciences (IBZ – CD-ROM; IBZ – Online: www.gbv.de); IBR – International Bibliography of Book Reviews of Scholarly Literature on the Humanities and Social Sciences (IBR – Online: www.gbv.de); CEJSH (The Central European Journal of Social Sciences); Philosopher’s Index; ERIH PLUS.