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Scientific Journals and Yearbooks Published at SAS

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Powder Metallurgy Progress

Publisher: Institute of Materials Research

List of issues

Language: English

Web: www.imr.saske.sk/pmp.htm

Institute of Materials Research SAS
Watsonova 47, 040 01 Košice
Tel.: + 421- 55 - 7922 411 (402)
Fax: +421 - 55 - 7922 408
E-mail: pmp@saske.sk

Scope: In the journal there will be published the original scientific and technical articles with the theoretical and experimental character oriented on:
•metallic and non-metallic materials prepared via powder metallurgy technology,
•the influence of technological process preparation of PM materials on their microstructure formation and development,
•structural relations of useful properties of PM materials,
•special technological processes of PM material with individual-particular-special physical-chemical properties,
•environmental issues of production and application of PM materials,
•industrial processes, management and quality, (creation of normative) standard method activity, economical analysis, conception (philosophy) and prediction in PM field.
•producing of technological equipments for PM

Editorial Office

Editor-in-Chief: Beáta BALLÓKOVÁ
Managing Editor: Katarína ONDREJOVÁ
Technical Manager: Radovan BUREŠ
Language Editor: Tim MARTIN

Editorial Board

Herbert DANNINGER, Austria, chairman
Eva DUDROVÁ, Slovakia, chairman

Abolghasem ARVAND, Iran
Csaba BALÁZSI, Hungary
Sergei M. BARINOV, Russia
Frank BAUMGÄRTNER, Germany
Paul BEISS, Germany
Sigurd BERG, Sweden
Francisco CASTRO, Spain
Andrzej CIAS, Poland
Ján DUSZA, Slovakia
Juraj ĎURIŠIN, Slovakia
Štefan EMMER, Slovakia
Sergei A. FIRSTOV, Ukraine
Christian GIERL-MAYER, Austria
Eduard HRYHA, Sweden
Pavol HVIZDOŠ, Slovakia
Jan KAZIOR, Poland
Jacob KÜBARSEPP, Estonia
Alberto MOLINARI, Italy
John R. MOON, Great Britain
Ľudovít PARILÁK, Slovakia
Doan Dinh PHUONG, Vietnam
Raimund RATZI, Austria
Wolf D. SCHUBERT, Austria
František SIMAČÍK, Slovakia
Marin STOYTCHEV, Bulgaria
Andrej ŠALAK, Slovakia
José M. TORRALBA, Spain
Andrew S. WRONSKI, Great Britain