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Mathematica Slovaca

Publisher: Mathematical Institute

List of numbers
ISSN 0139-9918 (print)

Language: english

Web: maslo.mat.savba.sk


Matematický ústav
Slovenská akadémia vied
Štefánikova 49
SK–842-34 Bratislava

Mathematica Slovaca is the continuation of the journals Matematicko-fyzikálny sborník (1951–1952), Matematicko-fyzikálny časopis (1953–1966), and Matematický časopis (1967–1975). The present name was adopted in 1976.
For journal abbreviation used in bibliographies:
Math. Slovaca.
The aim of this journal is to publish original research papers in all areas of mathematics containing new substantial and significant results or methods, with complete proofs. Contributions presented to the journal can also be short notes, surveys and possibly research problems. Occasionally the journal publishes book reviews, notices and news about topical events interesting to the mathematical community. In addition to regular issues, supplementary issues are published focusing on a theme of current interest, honoring an individual, or containing proceedings of a conference. The journal is covered by Current Mathematical Publications, Mathematical Reviews, Zentralblatt für Mathematik, and Referativnyj Zhurnal Matematika.