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Information Page of SAS Organisation

PhD. Topics

Institute of Geotechnics SAS

Synthesis and investigation of transport processes in oxides intended for applications in modern energy using an electron beam
PhD. program
Mechanical Engineering / Materials Science
Year of admission
Name of the supervisor
RNDr. Martin Fabián, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling TUKE
The present time requires the development and research of new materials with primary use in the energy industry, such as Li-ion batteries, fuel cells based on solid oxides, use of hydrogen as an energy source, etc. Most processes are based on electrochemical reactions, where ion transport plays a significant role. However, this process is largely influenced by the microstructure and chemical composition at the local/atomic level. The dissertation is focused on the synthesis of selected materials based on metal oxides and the investigation of their state before and after the course of electrochemical reactions by methods using the electron beam (electron microscopy SEM, TEM and identification methods at the local level EDX, WDX).