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Information Page of SAS Organisation

Institute of Geotechnics SAS

Watsonova 45
040 01 Košice
Slovak Republic

Director / Senior Researcher / Head of the Department of Physical and Physico-chemical Methods of Mineral Processing

Phone: +421 55 7922600
Fax: +421 55 7922604


Phone: +421 55 7922601
Fax: +421 55 7922604

Detached branches

The institute was founded on 22nd November 1954 as Commission of Mining SAS, later Section for Mining SAS (1955-1957), Laboratory of Mining SAS (1957-1963), Institute of Mining SAS (1963-1966), Institute of Rock Properties SAS (1966-1976), Mining Institute SAS (1976-1993) and since 1st May 1993 Institute of Geotechnics SAS.
The institute practises in the fields: Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology and Nanotechnologies.
It performs basic research on geological and geotechnical aspects of continuous disintegration of the rock mass and underground constructions stability, the transport of energy and mass in the rock disintegration processes; basic research on formation of solid mineral and/or synthetic nano- and microsized dispersions, properties modification of natural and/or synthetic (nano)minerals and (nano)materials as well as mineral processing and water treatment using physical, mechanical, chemical and biotechnological techniques; basic research on phase interactions in the disperse systems and at their spreading in working and living environment.
It is aimed at an application of theoretical knowledge in elaboration of top technologies principles in the fields: rock disintegration, complex processing of mineral raw materials, by-products and wastes using mineralurgical and metallurgical techniques, monitoring of selected components of working and living environment as well as of geological, chemical and environmental changes in tailing disposals targeted on their ecological remediation.
The institute provides advisory services and expert opinions concerning its subjects of activity. It also performs doctoral study within valid legal regulations.
The institute cooperates with universities, research organisations and industrial works. As to abroad it collaborates with the institutions in the following countries: Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Moldavia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, USA and Chile.