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Central Library of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

National Projects

CHRONUM - Chronologia historiarum bibliothecarum ab initio usque ad annum 2020

Chronológia dejín knižníc na Slovensku od počiatkov do roku 2020

Duration: 1. 7. 2020 - 30. 6. 2024
Evidence number:projekt APVV–19–0524
Program: APVV
Project leader: doc. Mgr. Kollárová Ivona PhD.
Annotation:The project is interdisciplinary and will take place in the fields of Library and Information Science (Social Aspects) and Historical Sciences and Archeology. The project outputs will focus on innovative access to knowledge about the history of libraries, which constitute a fundamental part of cultural heritage, reflecting the cultural, social and educational levels of Slovakia and Slovaks and providing irrefutable evidence of Slovakia's contribution to European cultural heritage. The project itself focuses on primary heuristics and basic research in the field of collecting information and pertinent source documents, which will prove the intellectual level of the population living in the territory of present-day Slovakia since the Middle Ages whose evidence is the collecting activity resulting in the creation of book collections, later libraries. At present, we do not register information that would give an overview of the founding, development and extinction of libraries of various types, owners and specializations. The research theme of the project is to collect primary and source data that will create and represent a chronological retrospective view of the history of libraries in the digital information environment. The research problem is based on material documentation of concrete manifestations of collecting activity and basic moments of institutionalization of libraries. A specific research problem of the project is represented by visualization of acquired data through new technologies and their promotion in the context of popularization of science. The general framework objective of the project is based on the knowledge that the current level of information and communication technologies provide the means to reconstruct a network of libraries with interactive access for the general public.

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