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INDED - Intellectual heritage and scientific communication in 1500-1800 with Slovak relations as part of European history and identity
Intelektuálne dedičstvo a vedecká komunikácia 1500-1800 so slovenskými vzťahmi ako súčasť európskej histórie a identity
Program: APVV
Project leader: doc. Mgr. Kollárová Ivona PhD.
Annotation:This interdisciplinary project will be conducted in the following academic fields: Historical science and Archeology, Library and Information Science (social aspects). The project outcomes will be focused on innovative approaches in making available the knowledge of scientific communication and intellectual heritage of the modern age to the public as well as to the community of scholars. The research topic of the project revolves around scientific communication and intellectual heritage. The research problem pertains the material documentation of concrete expressions of scientific correspondence and exchange of information and knowledge among our intellectuals who entered into an academic conversation with foreign scholars and intellectuals regarding science, culture, politics, economics, and education. The specific research problem of the project rests in digitalization and attractive presentation of selected documents to the general public. The general goal of the project is derived from our understanding that the present level of information and communication technologies offers means with the help of which it is possible, for the first time in history, to reconstruct the network of scientific, scholarly, and personal relationship among the European intellectuals of the modern era. At the same time, we are now able to widely distribute the results and input of our specific, intellectual written heritage that is found in the European context, while also promoting new forms of scientific collaboration. The project has a solid national as well as European (international) dimension and enables our scholars to participate in the ongoing COST Action: COST IS1310 Reassembling the Republic of Letters, 1500-1800. (A digital framework for multi-lateral collaboration on Europes intellectual history.)
Duration: 1.7.2016 - 30.6.2020

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