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International Academic Cooperation Agreement
Dohoda o medzinárodnej vedeckej spolupráci medzi ÚSvL SAV a Ústavom slavistiky Filozofickej fakulty Univerzity v Kolíne nad Rýnom
Program: Medziústavná dohoda
Project leader: doc. PhDr. Žitný Milan CSc.
Annotation:The cooperation agreement between the two institutions pertains to research projects on Slavic literatures in the European context. It is realized by means of common academic events, publications, researcher stays and guest lectures.
Duration: 17.10.2006 -

National projects

MULTITRANSPOSTHU - Analysis of the multidimensional character of trans- and posthumanism
Analýza multidimenzionálnej podoby trans- a post-humanizmu
Program: APVV
Project leader: Mgr. Suwara Bogumiła PhD.
Annotation:The main objective of the project is a multidimensional transdisciplinary research of mutual dynamic relationships related to the issue of human gene editing and posthumanism in five research domains: biology-biotechnology, philosophical reflection, (bio)ethical reflection, biopolitical analysis and democratization of science, art and culture. In particular, the project focuses on a philosophical reflection of the concept of trans- and posthumanism with an emphasis on human germline cells genome editing in relation to human nature, genetic determinism and aesthetic transformation of the human body. The issue of a transformation of the human biological species (homo sapiens) is analyzed in the context of the conflicts between a realis and social-constructivist understanding of biological categorization. At the level of bioethical and biopolitical reflection, the project analyzes the impact of trans- and posthumanist modification of the human genome on the society, its political institutions and regulatory abilities, the process of science democratization and the phenomenon of biohacking. At the cultural and artistic level, the project focuses on the analysis of artistic portrayal of trans- and posthumanism in dystopian literary, new media, film and television works. This also includes an analysis of the metaphorical language of molecular geneticists recently represented by the term "gene editing".
Duration: 1.8.2018 - 30.7.2022

Philosophical Analysis Concerning Deletion of Borders in Contemporary Bio-Discourse
Filozofická analýza stierania hraníc v modernom biodiskurze
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Suwara Bogumiła PhD.
Duration: 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2021

Hyperlexicon of Concepts and Categories in Literary Studies II
Hyperlexikón literárnovedných pojmov a kategórií II
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Mikuláš Roman PhD.
Annotation:This project is the continuation of an existing project bearing the same name. Its chief objective was, and still is, the creation of a lexicon of literary studies in hypertext medium. The hyperlexicon contains terms describing aspects of literary texts and also concepts that belong to the literary meta-discussion. The necessity to continue with the project and fulfill its objectives are due to the fact that the conclusions of the discussions in the ongoing project infer high degrees of complexity and, simultaneously, the difficulty of the problem of orientation within the language of literary studies in various areas of research traditions. Yet another motivation for the continuation of the project resides in the great dynamics of transformation of knowledge between disciplines (in recent times increasingly among the natural, technological and human sciences), however always wanting to benefit from the anticipation of trends in the field of meta-theory or methodology.
Duration: 1.1.2016 - 31.12.2019

Conversation and European Literature
Konverzácia a európska literatúra
Program: VEGA
Project leader: prof. Mgr. Bžoch Adam CSc.
Annotation:The aim of the project is cultural historical research of the conversation in European literatures from the Early Modernity till the XXth century (Italian, French, English, German, Dutch, Slavonic literatures). By comparative analysis of the images of non-formal communication, the project targets on evaluation of conversations in novels and other fictional and factual literary genres (drama, autobiography, memoirs) as civilisatory factors which stimulate erudition, urbanity, politeness, gender adequate communication and empathy, and helps to polish language and style, developes tolerance and ethical norms across epoches and cultures. These qualities, recorded in literary dialogues, conversational plays, memoirs and autobiographies, but also manuals of rethoric and stylistics, are transfered in literary communication across cultures and stabilize norms of civilisation. The main output will be a monograph on history of conversation in European literatures.
Duration: 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2022

Literary/artistic artefact and its contexts (Comparative literature and social sciences)
Literárny/umelecký artefakt a jeho kontexty (Komparatistika a sociálne vedy)
Program: VEGA
Project leader: prof. PhDr. Bátorová Mária DrSc.
Annotation:The project deals with the conceptualization of new approaches to analyses of literary work and its contextes and subsequently processes, where it plays the main part. Their identifrication is complicated in theory, consisting of multiple approaches of various disciplines, in this case chiefly the sociology. The well established paradigm of creative-artistic process: author, text, reader - is completed by context survey of each of mentioned components. The project aims to build a new methodology and theory of contextes, as well as the incorporation of the concept of the author as a main part of the complex approach to literary work, where each aspect has its fundamental role.
Duration: 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2022

Rewriting the Narrative Tradition: The Fiction of the Hungarian Postmodernist Péter Esterházy
Prepísanie naratívnej tradície: próza maďarského postmodernistu Pétera Esterházyho
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Görözdi Judit PhD.
Annotation:Péter Esterházy (1950), a notable Hungarian postmodernist, is present also in the Slovak cultural space through translations. However there has been a dearth of analytical confrontation of his work in its own referential contexts (e.g. the tradition of mimetic/referential fiction, autobiographical writing, historical narrative, confessional narration, the linguistic tradition of the literary expression, the problem of the originality of a text and cultural tradition). The project will result in a monograph consisting of interpretations of individual works from the point of view of their aesthetic/literary/poetological issues, as well as their literary-historical place in the history of Hungarian literature and postmodernism.
Duration: 1.1.2017 - 31.12.2019

Social engagement, identity and modernity in contemporary African Anglophone writing
Spoločenská angažovanosť, identita a modernita v súčasnej africkej anglofónnej literatúre
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Dr. Pucherová Dobrota D.Phil.
Annotation:The project is a continuation of the previous, preparatory 2-year project titled Dissent and Resistance in Contemporary African Writing. It will contribute to the discussion on social resistance, engagement, and personal responsibility that has been at the fore-front of recent philosophical discourses on African modern identity. It concerns the issues of personal and communal responsibility vs oppression and victimhood, cultural authenticity vs interculturality, and political resistance vs complicity, all of which seem to point to the question of „African modernity“ in its philosophical and material meaning. In the socio-historical context where African societies have increasingly become dysfunctional due to lack of civil society, literature has been seen as an instrument of resistance, functioning as testimony, dissent, political protest, and philosophy. The project will analyze the ethical, aesthetic and political aspects of this literary imagination.
Duration: 1.1.2017 - 31.12.2020

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