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Information Page of SAS Organisation

Institute of Materials Research

Watsonova 47
040 01 Košice
Slovak Republic


Phone: +421-55-7922 402
Fax: +421-55-7922 408


Phone: +421/55/7922402
Fax: +421/55/7922408

Organizational branches

Watsonova 45 Košice
Head of organizational branch
The scientific orientation of IMR is towards the development and applications of new technologies and the development and testing of new materials. To achieve these aims the research has concentrated on:
The physical and chemical nature of transformation and transportation phenomena taking place in materials with different chemical compositions (metals, ceramics, etc.) and microstructures (polycrystallic, amorphous, composites, etc.).
The physical and mechanical properties and the deformation and fracture characteristics of different materials in different up to extreme environments and temperatures. They are studied and evaluated in relation with processing methods, microstructure and external conditions. The lifetime and mechanical reliability of specimens and components are predicted on the basis of the experimental results.