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Information Page of SAS Organisation

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics

Dúbravská cesta 9/6319
845 13 Bratislava
Slovak Republic


Phone: +421-2-3240 1003


Phone: +421-2-3240 1003

Detached branches

Priemyselná 525
Ladomerská Vieska
965 01 Žiar nad Hronom
The Institute performs basic and applied research oriented to the development of advanced metallic materials by modern technologies, such as pressure infiltration, plasma spraying, unidirectional solidification of eutectics, deposition methods with pressing, powder metallurgy, etc. The physical and mechanical properties are studied based on knowledge of materials structure laws. Machine mechanics deals with the research of modelling of elastic and plastic continua, theory of noise and vibration control, acoustoelasticity, dynamic analysis of machine aggregates, fatigue endurance of constructions.