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PhD. Topics

Institute of Hydrology

Lysimetric determination of the soil texture class effect on the daily evaporation process.
PhD. program
Year of admission
Name of the supervisor
RNDr. Andrej Tall, PhD.
Receiving school
Fakulta záhradníctva a krajinného inžinierstva SPU
The loss of water from the soil environment by evaporation through the soil surface and vegetation cover (evapotranspiration) is one of the most important components of the water cycle from the point of view of agricultural management. From this perspective, a detailed understanding of the evapotranspiration process is crucial. With the advent of modern lysimeters with modern sensor equipment and, above all, with the possibility of very accurate weight measurement, new possibilities for investigating the water regime of the soil have opened up. Outputs from lysimeters serve both as a basis for the validation of existing as well as for the development of new mathematical models for the quantification of individual members of the water balance. Weighable lysimeters are a valuable tool for studying water transport in the soil-groundwater-vegetation-atmosphere system. By precisely measuring the weight of the soil monolith per unit of time, lysimeters can capture the change in water content in the soil, which is one of the main elements of the water balance.