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PhD. Topics

Institute of Hydrology

Changes in basic indicators of water quality in the selected water reservoir for drinking water supply under hydrometeorological conditions changing during the year
PhD. program
Landscape engineering, Agriculture and Landscape
Year of admission
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Yvetta Velísková, PhD.
Receiving school
Fakulta záhradníctva a krajinného inžinierstva SPU
Water reservoirs are one of the possible sources of drinking water for the inhabitants of Slovakia. In some regions, they represent the only possible way of supplying the population with such water. As a result of anthropogenic activity and different land use, but also as a result of ongoing climate change, the quality of water in these bodies changes. Torrential rains, periods of drought - lack of water, high summer temperatures, or other manifestations of climate change negatively affect the water quality in these reservoirs, despite any legislative measures. The content of the dissertation will be the monitoring and analysis of changes of the basic indicators of water quality in selected water reservoirs in different seasons, locations and under different hydrological conditions. A prerequisite for the successful achievement of the goals is a thorough research of the current state of knowledge of the issue, a theoretical analysis of possible methodological procedures, field measurements at selected locations using modern instrumentation, as well as the application of statistical analysis methods.