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Institute of Forest Ecology

Ľ. Štúra 2
960 53 Zvolen
Slovak Republic
Director: RNDr. Ľubica Ditmarová, PhD.
Phone: +421-45-5241 107
Secretariat: Ing. Nora Hriňová
Tel: +421-45-5241 124

Detached branches:

Arboretum Mlynany, Vieska nad Žitavou 178, 951 52 Slepčany
The Institute of Forest Ecology of the Slovak Academy Sciences is located in Central Slovakia in the City Zvolen. In the forestry circles it is regarded as a indispensable part of the Slovak forestry research net. The principal area of research covers a broad spectrum of forest ecosystem in the western Carpathians. Particular emphasis is placed on the biology and ecology of organism associated with successional processes in forest ecosystems. The Institute also deals with problems concerning long-term changes and stress factors in forest ecosystems, in both geographic and biotaxonomic terms. Studies on the structure, productivity and stability of natural, semi-natural and culture-influenced forests also feature prominently in the Institute‘s research program, encompassing pedology, phytoceonology, phenology, mycology, ecophaysiology, as well as invertegrate and vertebrate zoology. The Institute edits the journal Folia Oecologica. It participates actively in internal research programs and cooperates with home and foreign organisations in the field of forest and natura conservation.