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PhD. Topics

Institute of Forest Ecology

Temperature adaptation and pathogenicity of the fungus Dothistroma pini
PhD. program
Ecology and Conservation of Biodiversity
Year of admission
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Emília Ondrušková, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Technical University in Zvolen
In the recent years, the progress of global climate leads to increase the risk of introduction of disease and pests. At the same time, they can find suitable conditions for their life in new climatic terms and behave more aggressively. Relatively little is known about potential impact of climate change on the life cycle, adaptation possibilities or virulence of pathogenic fungi.
The fungus Dothistroma pini is a recently introduced pathogen of pine needles in Slovakia. Dissertation thesis will engage on of temperature adaptation of genetically and geographically different populations of D. pini fungus in order to find out the colonization potential of this fungus and its ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions. Further aim of the dissertation thesis will be to evaluate the virulence of these different fungal strains using pathogenicity test. Both experiments will be performed under controlled laboratory conditions.