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Information Page of SAS Organisation


Institute of Oriental Studies, P.R.I.

International Projects

HIDDEN - History of Identity Documentation in European Nations: Citizenship, Nationality and Migration

Dejiny dokladov totožnosti európskych národov: Občianstvo, štátna príslušnosť a migrácia

Duration: 13. 1. 2023 - 18. 10. 2026
Evidence number:CA21120
Program: COST
Project leader: Mgr. Trnovec Silvester PhD.

Tell el-Retaba Joint Polish-Slovak Archaeological Mission

Egyptologický výskum lokality Tell el-Retábí v Egypte

Duration: 1. 10. 2013 -
Evidence number:226
Program: Multilaterálne - iné
Project leader: Mgr. Hudec Jozef PhD.

Perspectives on the Korean Peninsula during the Cold War

Perspektívy Kórejského polostrova v čase Studenej vojny

Duration: 1. 2. 2024 - 31. 1. 2025
Program: Multilaterálne - iné
Project leader: Mgr. Hritzová Zuzana PhD.

SlowMemory - Slow Memory: Transformative Practices for Times of Uneven and Accelerating Change

Pomalá pamäť: Transformačné postupy v časoch nerovnomerných a zrýchľujúcich sa zmien

Duration: 22. 2. 2022 - 13. 10. 2025
Evidence number:CA20105
Program: COST
Project leader: Mgr. Bešková Katarína PhD.

COREnet - Connecting Theory and Practical Issues of Migration and Religious Diversity

Prepájenie teórie a praktických otázok migrácie a náboženskej diverzity

Duration: 4. 1. 2022 - 20. 10. 2025
Evidence number:CA20107
Program: COST
Project leader: Mgr. Beška Emanuel PhD.

FHA - Project XXII of the International Union of Academies, Fontes Historiae Africanae

Projekt XXII Medzinárodnej akademickej únie; Pramene k dejinám Afriky

Duration: 15. 7. 1997 -
Evidence number:Projekt XXII
Program: Multilaterálne - iné
Project leader: Mgr. Trnovec Silvester PhD.
Annotation:In 2011 the manifold activities connected with the project XXII. FONTES HISTORIAE AFRICANAE – Sources of African History of l’Union Académique Internationale based in Brussels, by its International Director Viera Vilhanová of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, centred around the preparation together with Director of the Mozambican State Archives, Prof. Joel Neves Tembe, of the meeting of the Chairs of FHA National Committees and of an International conference on the theme Sources for African History in African Languages written in Arabic (Ajami) and Latin Scripts in Eastern and Southern Africa, which is to be held in Maputo, Mozambique, between April 15-20, 2012.
Project web page:http://www.fonteshistoriaeafricanae.sav.sk/

National Projects


Na pomedzí. Hranice v živote a život v pohraničí starovekého Egypta

Duration: 1. 8. 2021 - 31. 7. 2025
Evidence number:APVV-20-0116
Program: APVV
Project leader: Dr. phil. Verešová Veronika

Palestinian Arabic Newspaper al-Quds (1908-1914): Complex Analysis of the Hitherto Unexplored Periodical

Palestínske arabské noviny al-Quds (1908 – 1914): Komplexná analýza dosiaľ nepreskúmaného periodika

Duration: 1. 1. 2022 - 31. 12. 2025
Evidence number:2/0014/22
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Beška Emanuel PhD.
Annotation:Newspapers are among the main primary sources used to explore history of late Ottoman Palestine in the period following the Young Turk Revolution of 1908. However, researchers face a significant obstacle as most of the Arabic periodicals are not extant. Therefore, the fact that almost a complete set of issues of the newspaper al-Quds (Jerusalem in Arabic, published 1908–1914) was made available to researchers in digitized form in 2017 represents a huge opportunity for historians of Ottoman Palestine. The submitted project proposal focuses on this untapped source of immense importance. Its aim is a comprehensive examination and evaluation of the content of the periodical as well as the establishment of an index of all articles published in the newspaper. A further goal is a contextual analysis of the main topics treated in al-Quds during this crucial period. Moreover, it also involves digital humanities with the application of the OCR method on the digitized copies of al-Quds.


Pamäť a trauma v súčasnej egyptskej literatúre

Duration: 1. 1. 2021 - 31. 12. 2024
Evidence number:VEGA 2/0040/21
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Bešková Katarína PhD.


Tradície a inovácie - formujúci činiteľ kultúrnej diverzity a vývoja civilizácií

Duration: 1. 1. 2022 - 31. 12. 2025
Evidence number:2/0027/22
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Bucková Martina PhD.

Projects total: 10