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International projects

MOCAHIC - Charles IV as a collector
Karol IV. ako zberateľ
Program: Horizont 2020
Project leader: doc. PhDr. Ciulisová Ingrid DSc.
Duration: 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2020

National projects

Musical Theatre in Bratislava from the Second Half of the 19th Century to the First Half of the 20th Century (Exponents, Institutions, Repertory, Reflection)
Hudobné divadlo v Bratislave od druhej polovice 19. do prvej polovice 20. storočia (osobnosti, inštitúcie, repertoár, reflexia)
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Laslavíková Jana PhD.
Annotation:The project Musical Theatre in Bratislava from the Second Half of the 19th Century to the First Half of the 20th Century (Exponents, Institutions, Repertory, Reflection) is based on the primary source research aiming at the evaluation of the repertory of the Municipal Theatre/the present Historical Building of the Slovak National Theatre (SNT) in the period 1886–1920 and examination of the aesthetic-critical views on the musical theatre through the production practice in the SNT in the years 1920–1950. On the basis of the period opera reviews subjected to the text-critical analysis, examining and researching primary and secondary sources (personal legacy, music material, decrees regarding the running of the theatre) and through the compilation of a database of the daily performance schedule from 1886 we will get a general view of the musical theatre operating in one building during two historical periods. A two-volume monograph on the theatre history in Bratislava will be part of the project.
Duration: 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2021

Institicional, Productional and Co-productional Relations Between Public-Service Television and Film Production After 1989
Inštitucionálne, produkčné a koprodučné vzťahy medzi verejnoprávnou televíziou a pôvodnou filmovou tvorbou po roku 1989
Program: VEGA
Project leader: doc. Mgr. Palúch Martin PhD.
Annotation:The project´s aim is to analyse the historical circumstances and their impact on institutional connections with determined production of television and cinematic films and their relation to the public television in Slovakia after 1989. The analysis of the role of public television in production and co-production of Slovak films will be the key for determining the most influential themes in various phases of social, cultural and political development of the country. The aim of the project is to define the basic topics, trends and problems witch influnced Slovak film production by public television after 1989. The authors will focus also on aethetic and rhetoric functions of television film production (both live-action and documentary). We will try to sum up the dominant political influences and to define the dominant impulses of television production of various formats and genres.
Duration: 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2020

SLODIK - Slovak theatre and contemporary European theatre culture - continuity and discontinuity
Slovenské divadlo a súčasná európska divadelná kultúra - kontinuita a diskontinuita
Program: APVV
Project leader: prof. PhDr. Mistrík Miloš DrSc.
Annotation:Slovak theatre research will focus on theatre tradition in comparision with the European influence that was present since the years of professionalization (1920), which also affects the current status of the early 21st century. The project aims to examine the Slovak theatre and context of intercultural situations, from several angles - in a dramatic, directing, music, acting and scenographic part. The Slovak theatre, drama and opera, where the project is mainly engaged, were essentially interfering with the Czech, German and Russian inspiration, which were previously the most significant, but increasingly also other: mainly English, French and Polish. This project creates a collective platform to address issues being raised and the systematic analysis of what most contributed and contributes to transcend cultural boundaries and pushes us to the international level (within the theatre compagnies, productions and theatre personalities). Project does not circumvent the tradition of Slovak theater, but explores its position in the European context.The research team can not aspire to an overall and final picture, but it can give a significant impetus for attention to this subject, to expand optics and through intercultural dialogue to establish closer cooperation with foreign theatre research.
Duration: 1.7.2016 - 30.6.2020

Slovensko-francúzske a francúzsko-slovenské vzťahy v oblasti výtvarného umenia a jeho interpretácie počas 20. storočia II.
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Bartošová Zuzana Ph.D.
Duration: 1.1.2018 - 31.12.2020

Medieval Monasteries of the Mendicant Orders in Slovakia
Stredoveké kláštory žobravých reholí na Slovensku
Program: VEGA
Project leader: Mgr. Pomfyová Bibiana PhD.
Annotation:Monasteries of mendicant orders represent the most numerous group of medieval monasteries in Slovakia. Despite this fact they were up-to-date never the subject of systematic research. Proposed project will attempt at least partially to dispatch this deficit. Two outputs are planned. Art-historical (predominantly architectural), archaeological, epigraphic, and palaeographic monuments, i.e. preserved monument fund, will be processed and assembled in a standard scientific catalogue. The second output - monograph - will include the interdisciplinary , cultural-historical analysis, with particular attention paid to the architecture of mendicant orders. We will investigate the sacral space as a place of interaction between the action (liturgy, homilies, various social reunions and events), material architectural frame, and other parts that shaped the interior and exterior of mendicant edifices.
Duration: 1.1.2016 - 31.12.2019

3KRALI - The Three Magi as a Theme in the Art in Slovakia - Interdisciplinary Studies on Cultural Tradition and Communication
Téma Troch kráľov v umení Slovenska - interdisciplinárne štúdie kultúrnej tradície a komunikácie
Program: APVV
Project leader: prof. PhDr. Gerát Ivan PhD.
Annotation:There is a possibility how to open the original Hebrew horizon of Evangelistary through the Three Magi as a topic and this subject resonated and resonates in the culture of several countries. We could follow its development and difference at the field of European culture which is characterized by the surviving of the basic subjects and motifs in the different cultural levels. Also, there is the way how to record, document and study this theme from the point of different disciplines. History and theories of the theatre, music and fine arts are in the center of our attention in this proposal. All of them are based on its own methodological tradition; through the interdisciplinary dialog could be opened the new prospectives especially at that point when the different representations of the theme of research cross and form the concrete historical image of piety, commemorating, ritual practices or theatrical performances.
Duration: 1.7.2016 - 30.6.2020

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