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Information Page of SAS Organisation

PhD. Topics

Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre SAS

Evolutionary and ecological outcomes of plant invasions: consequences of postinvasion hybridization and polyploidization
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
RNDr. Barbora Šingliarová, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University
Because of the complexity of biological invasions and post-invasion processes (such as mating
interactions with native species), a better understanding of the underlying factors and their
management is challenging. Members of the genus Solidago represent exceptionally successful
invaders in Europe. This thesis aims to determine the impact of hybridization and introgression in
alien-hybrid-native S. canadensis–xniederederi–virgaurea populations and polyploidization in S.
gigantea populations on the evolutionary and invasive potential of newly formed genotypes within
the invaded range in Europe. We will take an integrative approach combining relative DNA content
screening, assessment of population genetic structure by up-to-date molecular markers and
measurements of reproductive potential and fitness parameters. We expect that resuts of the study
will bring new insights into the microevolutionary processes and their impact on further invasiveness
as well as to provide a baseline for nature conservation and management decisions.