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PhD. Topics

Plant Science and Biodiversity Centre SAS

Stagnant waters in urban and suburban landscapes as sources of non-native species dispersal and refugia for native biodiversity.
PhD. program
Všeobecná ekológia a ekológia jedinca a populácií
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Tomáš Čejka, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University
The thesis explores the community structure of benthic invertebrates in stagnant habitats found in
urban and suburban landscapes. These habitats are essential as they have the potential to serve as
sources of biodiversity/refugia for native species, as well as centres of dispersal for non-native
species. This dissertation aims to understand the structure and principles of biodiversity dynamics
in stagnant waters located in urban and suburban areas, with emphasis on [1] comparing the
ecological importance of different types of these water bodies for the conservation of native
biodiversity and [2] identify the spreading and survival of non-native species of benthic macrofauna
in urban and suburban environments. This systematic research aims to enhance our understanding
of the causal relationships between the diversity and distribution of benthic invertebrate populations
and the environmental status of their habitats. The research will contribute to effectively conserving
ecologically important stagnant water bodies in urban landscapes and appropriately managing
ponds that may be refugia of non-native species.