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Information Page of SAS Organisation

Ludovit Stur Institute of Linguistics

Panská 26
811 01 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Phone: 02/54431761–2


Phone: 02/54431761–2
Fax: +421-2-54431756

Ľ. Štúr Institute of Linguistics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is a
primary institution in the Slovak Republic that focuses on basic
research of standard and non-standard variants of the Slovak language.
The institute was established in 1943 and named the Institute of
Linguistics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Arts (Slovak
shortening SAVU), in 1952 it was renamed the Institute of the Slovak
Language of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Arts and from 1966 it
carries the current name. It is a major research institute in the Slovak
Republic centralizing basic research of the Slovak national language,
its territorial and social differentiation and its history. The research
focuses also on the theoretical questions of general linguistics,
language culture, professional terminology and onomastics, whose results
are applied while compiling basic codification manuals, designing and
standardizing professional terminology and geographical names. The most
important scientific goals were achieved in the research of the Slovak
language grammar (Morphology of the Slovak Language, 1966), dynamics of
vocabulary (Vocabulary Dynamics of Contemporary Slovak, 1989),
vocabulary of national language (Slovak Language Dictionary, 6 vol.,
1959 – 1968; Short Dictionary of Slovak, 4th ed. 2003; Slovak Synonym
Dictionary, 2nd ed. 2000; Dictionary of Historical Slovak, 7 vol., 1991 –
2008; Slovak Dialect Dictionary, up to now 2 vol., 1994, 2006;
Dictionary of Contemporary Slovak, up to now 2 vol., 2006, 2011),
standard Slovak orthography (The Rules of Slovak Orthography, 3rd ed.
2000), territorial differentiation of Slovak dialects within the Slovak
territory as well as Slavic countries and the Carpathian area (Atlas of
the Slovak Language, 4 vol., 1968 – 1984; Slavic Linguistic Atlas, up to
now 2012; Carpathian-Wide Dialectological Atlas, 8 vol., introductory
(unnumbered) vol. in 1987, vol. 1 – 7 were issued in 1989 – 2003) and
confrontational research of the Slavic languages vocabulary
(Czech-Slovak Dictionary, 2nd ed. 1981; Great Russian-Slovak Dictionary,
5 vol., 1960 – 1970; Great Slovak-Russian Dictionary, 6 vol., 1979 –
1995). Scientists from the institute have published dozens of monographs
from various fields of the national language research. The institute
also published a series of anthologies called Linguistic Studies (over
three dozens), each devoted to one of the linguistic disciplines. It has
been a major organizer and co-organizer of several linguistic
conferences with international participation.

Major fields of research:

system of the contemporary Slovak language
how language works in contemporary communication
language culture in theory and practice
professional terminology
etymology and language geography
history of language
corpus linguistics and natural language processing

International cooperation:

The institute cooperates with the foreign research institutes in
Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia,
the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland, Russia, Serbia,
Slovenia, the Ukraine and the USA.