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PhD. Topics

Institute of Landscape Ecology

Vegetation phenology assessment using combination of terrestrial and remote sensing observations
PhD. program
Year of admission
Name of the supervisor
RNDr. Ľuboš Halada, CSc.
Receiving school
Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra
Recently, especially in connection with climate change, the study of vegetation phenology and its seasonal and year-on-year changes has become increasingly important. In addition to the classical methods of field vegetation research, methods of terrestrial automatic registration of phenological processes of vegetation and methods of studying the phenology of the earth's surface using remote sensing are also being developed. The PhD student will focus on the development of consistent approaches and methods for the study of vegetation phenology of various ecosystems by ground research and remote sensing methods. The proposed approaches and methods will be applied at the topical level at existing permanent research sites and at the regional level in the selected region.