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PhD. Topics

Astronomical Institute

On the collisions between the main-belt asteroids and shower meteors
PhD. program
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Name of the supervisor
RNDr. Luboš Neslušan, CSc.
Receiving school
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Affiliation: Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Tatranská Lomnica, 059 60 Vysoké Tatry

Focus of the research: In the recent decades, a cometary activity of some asteroids in the main belt was observed. This phenomenon rose a question about a mechanism triggering such an activity. One of possible mechanisms can be a collision with a meteoroid. The sporadic meteoroids are dispersed in the interplanetary space and probability of collision of an asteroid with a sporadic meteoroid is much smaller than the probability of collision with a meteoroid, which is a member of a stream and moves around the Sun in a spatial corridor with a relatively large number density of meteoroid objects.

Objectives: The goal of the work is a determination of frequency of asteroid passages through the corridors of cometary meteoroid streams and also known streams, the parent body of which is not known. Because of a huge number of known asteroids, the object of the study will be only the large asteroids (with the absolute magnitude larger than a chosen limit) in the main belt. For few streams with a relatively well-known size distribution of the members, the frequency of collisions between some asteroids and the stream members of the specific size-intervals should be estimated.

-- completed university study of astronomy, achieved master degree, or in a similar field, if in similar field, the candidate should give an evidence of his or her experience in meteor astronomy (at least one published paper in this field is regarded as the evidence)
-- knowledge of computer programing, generally, and of programing language Fortran or C
-- sending (to supervisor) of a short document (1 to 2 pages) describing the research interest of the applicant in his/her career in a near future (about 10 years); not only in concern of the PhD study
-- good speaking and writing in English
-- a knowledge of creation of active web pages, i.e. PHP language, as well as of MySQL database are welcome

Research field: The dynamical evolution of the small bodies of the Solar system

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