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PhD. Topics

Institute of Archaeology

Heating in castles in eastern Slovakia (Šariš, Uh and Zemplín Counties) and south-western Ukraine (Podolia) in the Middle Ages and at the beginning of the modern period
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
PhDr. Peter Bednár, CSc.
Receiving school
Constantine The Philosopher University in Nitra
A comparison of the form and development of heating devices and heating methods in castles in the neighbouring areas of medieval Hungary and the historical Podolie region. The aim of the thesis is to collect the sources, compare the typological development of heating devices (open hearths, fireplaces, furnaces, hypocausts) and compare the art-historical development of tile stoves at selected sites in both areas. The thesis will test a hypothesis about the Eastern and Nordic influences on the development of heating devices in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary.