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PhD. Topics

Institute of Hydrology

Influence of green infrastructure on runoff regime of an urbanized catchment
PhD. program
Year of admission
Name of the supervisor
doc. Ing. Marek Sokáč, PhD.
Receiving school
Stavebná fakulta STU
One of the promising technologies for the reduction and retention of runoff in urbanized areas is green infrastructure (e.g. green roofs), which, thanks to its hydrological function in the urbanized area, has a great ability to reduce and retain the surface runoff. This ability can be one of the decisive factors for the sustainable development of cities, especially in connection with the predicted climate change. However, the possible extent of the application of green infrastructure in the typical conditions of Slovak cities and the real impacts of the application of this technology on the runoff regime of the urbanized watershed, or other environmental impacts, remains a problematic point.
The task of the work will be the quantification of the impact of green infrastructure on the runoff regime of the urbanized basin, as well as the possible use of rainwater as an additional source of useful water in the urbanized area. Another goal will be to investigate the impacts of climate change on the hydrological regime of the urban catchments, including an analysis of the extent to which it is possible to mitigate the impacts of extreme climatic events (resulting from predicted climate changes) in urbanized areas by means of the implementation of green infrastructure. This goal is related to the question of whether, in addition to green infrastructure, it is necessary to consider other measures in order to achieve the balance and efficiency of investments with regard to their effect. As part of the research, it is assumed that several case studies will be developed on real urbanized areas in the Slovak Republic.