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PhD. Topics

Plant Science and Biodiversity Center SAS

Uncovering the molecular mechanism of plant calpain DEK1 function.
PhD. program
plant physiology
Name of the supervisor
Mgr. Viktor Demko, PhD.
Receiving school
Prírodovedecká fakulta UK
DEFECTIVE KERNEL 1 (DEK1) is a multi-domain membrane protein with calpain protease at the C-terminus. DEK1 plays essential roles throughout plant ontogenesis. DEK1 activity is necessary for correct execution of oriented cell divisions and cell fate specification. Current model of DEK1 action suggests sensory function of the DEK1 transmembrane domain, regulatory role of the Linker segment and proteolytic activity of the calpain domain involved in controlled modification and destabilization of its cellular substrates. Despite its indispensable role for any organized growth, many aspects of DEK1 molecular mode of action are still unknown. In particular, we still don’t know what are the direct cellular substrates of the DEK1 calpain protease, what is the structure and molecular mode of action of its large transmembrane domain and how is the activity of DEK1 precisely regulated at spatiotemporal level. Recent data obtained by our group and others suggest functional relationship between DEK1, CCR4-NOT complex and epigenetic control of gene expression.
The main goal of this work is to experimentally investigate putative functional link between DEK1, CCR4-NOT complex and RNA methylation using the model moss Physcomitrium patens. Doctoral students will also contribute to ongoing efforts towards solving the DEK1 atomic structure.
Doctoral students are expected to spend research visits at specialized labs abroad.