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PhD. Topics

Institute of Construction and Architecture

Moving Finite Element method for solution of boundary value problems in continuum mechanics
PhD. program
Applied mechanics
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Ladislav Sátor, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering SUT in Bratislava
The doctoral student task is to elaborate the Moving Finite Element (MFE) method for modelling of various boundary value problems of continuum mechanics. In view of the newest knowledge of continuum mechanics, the aim is to focus on formulations for solution of problems in macro/micro/nano/structures with smart properties, and to implement the developed method into computer codes. The goal is to develop an efficient and reliable numerical computational method applicable to modelling of physical phenomena in multi-physical problems in continuum mechanics.

Requirements for applicants:
knowledge of continuum mechanics, knowledge of programming in Fortran/Matlab, knowledge of a foreign language, positive attitude to numerical simulations