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PhD. Topics

Institute of Economic Research

The Present and the Future of the Crypto and Digital Currencies
PhD. program
Economic theory
Name of the supervisor
prof. Ing. Juraj Sipko, PhD., MBA.
Receiving school
Faculty of National Economy
Appearance of crypto and digital currencies and fulfilment of the main function of money. Main features of blockchain and its role between the clients in the process of clearing their account receivables and account payables with digital currencies. Development and the main features of the different cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies as financial assets and their impact on non-transparent financial operations. The future development of crypto and digital currencies and their impact on global financial stability. The different opinions on
digital currencies. Some prominent economists, but in particular, some international monetary and financial institutions (International Monetary Fund - 2010/2020, European Central Bank – 2016-2021 (January and February) and the Bank for International Settlements - 2010/2020) emphasized that the process of creation of the crypto and digital currencies is a part of the process of digitalization. On the other hand, there are some critics of digital currencies because for being a non-real form of currency and its instability. Despite the fact that it is a new area of research that so far was less analysed, one could note that the dissertation might be a valuable contribution to the analysis on this topic.