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PhD. Topics

Institute of Geotechnics SAS

Functional Materials for the Removal and Catalytic Oxidation of Organic Pollutants from Wastewaters
PhD. program
Extraction and Processing of Earth Resources / Metallurgy
Name of the supervisor
Inna Melnyk, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling TUKE
The intensive industrial activity results in more organic pollutants, heavy metals, radionuclides, petroleum products, and other highly toxic substances enter to the environment in the form of solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes. In this PhD research, new adsorptive and catalytic nanomaterials will be developed for the removal of inorganic and organic wastes from the environment. The adsorbent part will be composed of one-pot synthesized SiO2 materials with different types of functional ligands both hydrophobic and hydrophilic moieties in order to interact with pollutants via hydrogen bonds, electrostatic interactions, coordination, and other interactions. These materials will be studied for Fe, Cu, Ni, Co ions adsorption. Metal-loaded silica particles will play a catalyst role to decompose the organic contaminants via an advanced oxidation process.