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PhD. Topics

Institute of Construction and Architecture

Preparation and properties of geopolymeric cement composites based on aluminosilicate minerals and slag
PhD. program
Inorganic technologies and materials
Name of the supervisor
Prof.Dr.Ing. Martin-Tchingnabé Palou
Receiving school
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology SUT in Bratislava
Unlike Portland cement binders, geopolymers (GPs) represent a group of relatively new inorganic polymers formed by the activation of aluminosilicates with alkaline solution at normal temperature to form an "aluminosilicate structure". These composites exhibit excellent mechanical properties, high temperature and acid resistance. Natural layered materials such as ilit, halosit, and especially metakaolin are used as sources of aluminosilicates for the preparation of geopolymers. Also, materials rich in SiO2 and / or Al2O3 can be successfully used to prepare geopolymer binders. It optimizes the composition of blends based on power ash, blast furnace slag, mineral waste to the development of geopolymers, and under hydrothermal conditions.