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PhD. Topics

Institute of Informatics

New Methods for Large-scale Real-time Collection, Aggregation and Processing of Geo-mapped Data
PhD. program
Applied Informatics
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Zoltán Balogh, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies of STU in Bratislava
Receiving school (another possibility):
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Technical Uni of Košice (FEI TUKE)

  The research is focusing on the topic of large-scale collection of geographically mapped structured or semi-structured data from a large number of sensors. Collection of data occurs from mobile computing devices such as smart mobile phones, smart watches or single-board computers. Research can also tackle topics such as contextual real-time notification, semantic data modelling, continuous visualization of dynamically aggregated information or a design of a novel distributed architecture for credible and secure real-time data collection using specialized data aggregation points in the network. There is an opportunity to exploit the research results in projects in the domains of crisis management support or intelligent transportation control.
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year 2022/2023