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PhD. Topics

Institute of Economic Research

Gas geopolitics in the context of redistribution of world economic power
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
prof. Ing. Saleh Mothana Obadi, PhD.
Receiving school
Fakulta sociálnych a ekonomických vied UK
The development of the natural gas market has been very fluctuating in recent years. It was influenced by several factors that significantly changed the global energy scene. The subject of the research of the doctoral dissertation will be the investigation of the relationship between the geopolitical factor and the development of the energy commodity market of natural gas, with a focus on the European natural gas market. The theoretical basis will consist in researching and characterizing the international natural gas market and predicting its future trends, identifying geopolitical-economic trends that affect the gas market and future demand for this raw material. The dissertation should also analyze the European natural gas market before and after the military conflict in Ukraine and outline the future of LNG and hydrogen in the European energy market.