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PhD. Topics

Institute of Economic Research

Impact evaluation of Slovak active labour market policy measures
PhD. program
Year of admission
Name of the supervisor
Mgr. Miroslav Štefánik, PhD.
Receiving school
Fakulta sociálnych a ekonomických vied UK
The lack of a skilled workforce is perceived with increasing urgency on the Slovak labour market. Investment in activating and re-skilling of available job seekers, thus, becomes more important. Resources flowing into active labour market policies (ALMP) present a scarce good; their effective allocation, therefore, remains a challenge for economic and social research. Thanks to the availability of administrative data, the impact of particular ALMP measures can be quantified using relatively reliable methods. Empirical microeconomics develops quite dynamically in this field; whether in the case of methods reconstructing a scientific experiment by matching participants to eligible applicants, panel data processing methods, or other regression-based types of analysis. The main task is going to be the description of intervention logic of ALMP measures provision in Slovakia, documenting its particular measures using available information sources and evaluating the efficiency of particular elements of Slovak ALMP, applying up-to-date techniques of counterfactual impact evaluation.