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PhD. Topics

Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS

Electrical transport in thin layers of some TMDC materials
PhD. program
Physical Engineering
Year of admission
Name of the supervisor
Dr. rer. nat. Martin Hulman
Receiving school
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of STU
In the past two decades, materials characterized by significant dimensional anisotropy have become one of the most extensively studied subjects in solid-state physics and materials research. This category encompasses transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs), compounds composed of elements such as S, Se, and Te, in conjunction with metals like Mo, W, and Pt. Substances with the chemical formula MX2 can be synthesized in extremely thin layers.
At the Institute of Electrical Engineering, a team is dedicated to preparing thin layers of TMDC materials and conducting their characterization. The proposed dissertation would complement the endeavors of this group. The focus of the dissertation lies in examining the electrical transport properties of (ultra)thin layers of TMDC materials, particularly those within the subgroup exhibiting semi-metallic and metallic characteristics. The work predominantly entails experimental research. While it entails some involvement in the growth of thin layers, the primary emphasis is on measuring transport characteristics. In addition to transport characterization, the dissertation will explore the impact of temperature, doping, and structure on the conductivity of 2D materials.
Throughout the dissertation, the student will engage with vacuum and low-temperature facilities. The experimental findings will be analyzed in accordance with various models of solid-state physics. Furthermore, the student is expected to present their results at both domestic and international conferences, necessitating proficient spoken and written English skills.