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PhD. Topics

Institute of History

The Image of Morality and the Minority Question from the Perspective of Extremist Movements in Slovakia in the 1990s
PhD. program
Slovak History
Name of the supervisor
Jakub Drábik, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Arts, Comenius University Bratislava
The aim of the dissertation will be to analyse the intellectual production and activities of extremist movements in Slovakia between 1994 and 1998. An essential part of the thesis is a basic mapping of the extremist movements that began to operate in Slovakia after the establishment of the independent state, and on the basis of individual attitudes to trace the transfers of ideas that may have had a transnational character. The primary focus of the thesis is to demonstrate the image of morality through the example of the treatment of minorities within the social discourse. Theoretically, the research is primarily concerned with the concept of ultra-nationalism, radicalism, or fundamentalism, specifically in the broader context of the history of political thought. After further consideration and a thorough examination of available archival materials, the topic will be further specified. The archival documents should relate in particular to contemporary reflection captured in the press or other production, as a response by representatives of extremist groups to the promotion of ethical principles that were in direct conflict with the idea of neoliberalism. Knowledge of English is a prerequisite, knowledge of other world languages an advantage.