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PhD. Topics

Institute of History

Medieval society in the Kingdom of Hungary. Origin, changes and disappearance of individual social groups on royal or church estates in the 13th – 14th centuries
PhD. program
World History
Name of the supervisor
Pavol Hudáček, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Arts, Comenius University Bratislava
The topic of the dissertation is based on the economic and social history of the Middle Ages and is mainly focused on the research of the structure and form of the Hungarian society within the transformation processes that took place during the reigns of the Árpád and Anjou dynasties. The PhD student, in consultation with the supervisor, will choose a specific category/category of people (e.g. royal populi, condicionarii, udvarniks, dušníci, filii jobagionum, servientes, etc.) and work out its origins, changes and disappearance, if any. The research may also focus on a specific territory or a single ecclesiastical institution (e.g. county, royal estate, bishopric, monastery, etc.) to serve as a research probe within the broader socio-legal changes of Hungarian society. It will be necessary to rethink the theoretical concepts of previous research and to look critically also at the so-called servant organization in the Kingdom of Hungary. The Central European context (comparison with the social situation in Poland and the Czech lands) can also be taken into account in the treatment of this topic. Prerequisites: knowledge of Slovak language, Latin, English (min. B2), knowledge of Hungarian is very welcome. The ability to read medieval sources in the original is an advantage.