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PhD. Topics

Polymer Institute

Crosslinked polyester materials for engineering application.
PhD. program
Technology of polymeric materials
Name of the supervisor
Mgr. Martin Danko, PhD.
Receiving school
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology STU
Material science is combining synthesis and engineering towards material for common everyday use. Polymer science is one of the best approaches the design new materials for a desired application. Research efforts of the thesis will be focused on production of vitrimers a special class of polymers, possessing properties like re-processing and self-healing without loss of mechanical properties after repeated cycles. Such properties can be achieved if chemical cross-links can be efficiently and reliably exchanged between different positions of the organic polymer chains, macroscopic flow can be achieved without risking structural damage or permanent loss of material mechanical properties. The aim of the study will be investigation of the possibility of vitrimer formation from commercial PLA and PHB with addition of thermoplastic starch (TPS) and/or nanofibrilated cellulose (NFC) (nano)filler. The presence of glycerol ensured crosslinking. For the trans-esterification type of the network in vitrimers, a high content of ester bond as well as a high content of hydroxyls, which are involved in ester formation, are essential for a short relaxation time. From this point of view, e.g. the presence of a starch filler or cellulose with hydroxyls of sugar units is very helpful.