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PhD. Topics

Institute of Philosophy SAS

The absurd in contemporary philosophy: neutrality, absence of meaning, hopelessness, tragedy
PhD. program
Name of the supervisor
Mgr. Róbert Karul, PhD.
Receiving school
Filozofická fakulta UK
In the French philosophical tradition, the theme of the absurd is still present today and has been introduced by phenomenological thinkers such as E. Levinas (the notion of il y a) and M. Blachot (the notion of neutrality). More recently, this style of thought has been revived by thinkers such as A. Comte-Sponville (the notion of hopelessness), Clément Rosset (idiocy) and Marcel Conche (the tra-gic), among others. However, similar elements can also be traced in thinkers who do not make them the centre of their thought (despair in C. Romano). It will be an examination of conceptions of this tendency, with the intention of presenting an interpretation of the primarily negatively connoted terms that will serve as a starting point for a "positive" understanding of them (tragic wisdom in Conche is an example).