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PhD. Topics

Earth Science Institute of the SAS

Depositional systems of continenal settings and shelf margins of the Central Carpathian Paleogene Basin.
PhD. program
Tectonics and sedimentology
Name of the supervisor
doc. RNDr. Ján Soták, DrSc.
Receiving school
Prírodovedecká fakulta UK
The subject of the dissertation is intended in analysis of clastic sedimentary formations on the continental margins of the Central Carpathian Paleogene Basin (CKPB). Research will focus on pre-transgressive sediments of Vajsková Conglomerates, Braväcovo Beds and the Borové Formation, which represent sediments of debris tali, alluvial fans, braided streams, fluvial environments, fan deltas, lacustrine and pedogenic carbonates, lateritic residues and plant remains. The study will also be processed in sedimentary sequences with the transition of continental to shallow water environments and shelfal seas on the continental margins (intrabasinal and in the Veporic land). The shallowing of the CKPB at the end of the Oligocene led to the deposition of lacustrine sediments, sandy bars and coarse-grained deltas in Hron Valley, Rajec and Horná Nitra Depressions, etc. Therefore, the dissertation will include a study of regressive formations of the CKPB containing a mollusc-rich sands and correlation of the Carpathian fauna with Oligocene mollusc fauna of the Paratethys (Solenovian), analysis of clays, weathered residues and resistant heavy minerals from eroded substrates of the Central Carpathians and their correlation with “Augenstein” formations of the Alps. The result will be an interpretation of synrift subsidence, tectonic inversion, paleogeography, depositional systems and physiogeography of the continental margins of the CKPB.