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PhD. Topics

Earth Science Institute of the SAS

Geomagnetic activity as part of the manifestations of space weather
PhD. program
Applied geophysics
Name of the supervisor
Mgr. Miloš Revallo, PhD.
Receiving school
Prírodovedecká fakulta UK
The proposed topic of the dissertation thesis concerns the issue of the so-called space weather. Due to the variable solar activity, physical processes occur in the solar wind and in the near cosmic environment of the Earth, which have a mediated impact on geomagnetic activity. The focus is on disturbed space weather conditions due to strong energy phenomena on the Sun, which can cause a strong geomagnetic response in the form of magnetic storms. For the needs of aviation, power networks and communication systems, it is important to study space weather and deal with its forecasting. The subject of the research will be the analysis of geomagnetic disturbances in terms of their causes with the motivation to better understand the physical principles related to the interaction of the solar wind and the magnetosphere. The starting point for the analysis will be data sets from astrophysical observations for solar energy phenomena, satellite data on solar wind parameters and data from terrestrial geomagnetic measurements. The aim of the research will be the identification of geoeffective solar energy phenomena and also the quantification of the degree of geomagnetic response to variable solar activity using geomagnetic indices. Attention will be focused on particularly severe disturbances occurring in the main phases of the solar cycles. The expected application output of this research will be a contribution to the creation and refinement of short-term prediction models for space weather.