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PhD. Topics

Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics

Deformation and fracture of complex concentrated alloys for hydrogen applications
PhD. program
Engineering technologies and materials
Name of the supervisor
Ing. Juraj Lapin, DrSc.
Receiving school
Faculty of mechanical engineering STU
Hydrogen is a key priority of the European strategy for clean energy and metallic materials are a key pillar of expected technical solutions and innovations in its production, storage, distribution and end-use. The dissertation thesis will be focused on investigating the deformation behaviour of complex concentrated alloys (CCA) based on Co-Cr-Fe-Ni developed for hydrogen applications. The PhD student will study the deformation behaviour of CCA during forming and tensile, compressive and bending testing. The student will determine experimentally the dependences between forming temperature, deformation rate, local deformations and deformation stresses. Using the finite element method and the ANSYS program, he/she will simulate the deformation behaviour of the investigated CCAs, determine the critical local stresses and critical local deformations required for crack initiation and propagation up to fracture. Numerical calculations will be verified experimentally. The candidate is required to have experimental skills, knowledge of applied mechanics, basic knowledge of materials science, mechanical testing of materials, and knowledge oft he ANSYS program as well as a good knowledge of English.